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About Us

The dependable destination for Nail Professionals

100% Curated by Nail Professionals for Nail Professionals

Our catalog is carefully curated by professional Nail Technicians like you. All the products we carry have been hand picked and cataloged by professionals based on our many years of combined experience in the Nail Industry.


Throughout our many years as Nail Technicians, we have acquired the first hand experience and knowledge of the challenges the profession entails and, understanding of which tools, we as nail professionals, need. With that in mind,

our product catalog encompass acomprehensive collection of lacquer, gel polish, gel, acrylic, lights, tools, from a broad collection of brands and manufacturers – working always with the best and brightest brands in the market, from Gelish, Hand and Nail Harmony, to CND, and OPI.

30+ Years!!!

Not a fly-by-night shop. We have many years of experience, which we imprint on every product selection we make for
our catalog.


To all of you, from all of us at Nail Technicians Supply - Thank you!

The NTS Team